Njabulo Mabaso

Parish Council Deputy Secretary

Mr. Mabaso grew up in Ogobandlovu/ Esikhawini/ Richards Bay. He attended Ongoye Secondary School and KwaDlangezwa High School and after working  at University of Zululand, obtained his Bachelors of Arts Degree, majoring in Drama + English. He obtained his Honours Degree in Speech and Drama at the then University of Durban/Westville (now UKZN) and started work as a Post-Graduate assistant at the University of Zululand at the Department of Speech and Drama, where he also obtained a diploma in Education. He then taught at KwaDlangezwa High School before working at the English language educational trust (funded by Anglo-Vaal) - a High School English Teachers enrichment programme in the Durban South/Ubumbulu Area. Then he worked at the Centre for Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education - a Teacher Enrichment Programme sponsored by Shell, situated at the then University of Natal). He then moved to the University of Zululand, where he worked as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, teaching English 2nd language Teaching Methodology. This was followod by a posting at the former Mangosuthu Technicon (now Mangosuthu University of Technology in Umlazi/ Durban), where he was a Lecturer in Communication Department teaching English to Engineering Students, before becoming the founder Director of the Language Centre at the MUT. Mr. Mabaso first became associated with the Durban Central Parish in 1993 and officially joined in 1999. He is married and has four children.


The Durban Central Parish is led by the Parish Council. The clergy comprises of the parish pastor, a second full-time pastor, a pastor in the tent-making ministry (self-supporting), and a retired pastor.