Our Partnerships

Besides partnering with several organisations in our inner-city outreach work, we are in partnership with several Lutheran congregations, churches and organisations abroad. This makes the Church being the worldwide body of Christ all the more real. 
These partnerships provide opportunities 

  1. to get to know – up front and personal – sisters and brothers across the globe.

  2. to learn from experiences others have made of being active christians in other cultural and economic settings.

  3. to share our spiritual and economic resources in the service to those suffering and destitute amongst us.

These partnerships are quite diverse in scope and intensity:

  1. There is a long standing partnership between Durban Central Parish and Kirchengemeinde Buer in northern Germany. This is part of a wider partnership between Durban and uMngeni Circuit  and Kirchenkreis Melle in Germany.

  2. St.Michael’s Congregation has a long standing partnership with the Gemeinde Liblar in Germany.

  3. St.Michael’s Congregation works in partnership with two congregations of the ELCSA-NT church in Durban: Lutherkirche and St.Pauls.

  4. As a result of the partnership between ELCSA and ELM (Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Lower Saxony – formerly known as “Hermannsburg Mission”) Rev.Dr.Joe Lüdemann from ELM is serving as a pastor in ELCSA. Furthermore a volunteer from ELM is serving in the Durban Central Parish and partner organisations – hosted by LUA. Jonathan Liebner arrived in Durban in the middle of August 2010.

  5. Similarly as a result of partnership between ELCSA and ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) Durban Central Parish is hosting a volunteer from the USA for a year. From September 2009 to July 2010 we host Heather LeMunyon, who was actively involved in many projects of our parish and beyond. Michael Lengel is with us from September 2010 to July 2011. This program of the ELCA – called “Young Adults in Global Mission” is set to continue with a new volunteer from the USA expected in September 2010.