Abasha - Youth League

Abasha - Youth League

Parish Chairperson: 

Mr. Nhlanhla Xhakaza

Cell: (084) 834 3023

E-mail: nhlanhlaxhakaza@yahoo.com

The Youth League (YL), or Inhlangano yabasha in isiZulu, is the vibrant youth movement in our church. After being confirmed, the youth join the league and may stay up to the age fo 35 years, or even further. The Youth League can be seen as a place, where future trends in the church might be experienced – from the style of music, to the topics of discussions or the expression of spirituality. Central to the Youth Leagues work are the 4-5 parish conferences per year, which usually take place on a Saturday evening – continuing all through the night to the next morning. Revivals, bible studies and testimonies are just as much part of these meetings, as discussions of current social issues impacting on a young South African’s life – and the quest for specific christian answers to the numerous challenges. The call to action can also be seen in the Motto of the YL: “Here I am. Send me!” Isaiah 6 v 8.